Areas of work:
Conflict Management,
Leadership & Personal Development;
Gender, Human Rights,
and Diversity Management for
and Organizational Development.

With a background in law and international relations, international conflict resolution has always been what drives me to affect change.

I started out by working in international development since 2001. I worked both in resident and freelance assignment with several agencies of the Unites Nations, the Organization for Security Conference in Europe (OSCE), the World Bank, and others in over 35 countries, and with a focus on post-conflict development. Wanting to grow my skillset, I have returned to Europe.After that, I started specializing in adult learning and facilitation techniques. This is how I got excited about various forms of experiential learning: Working with horses to help people connect,

positive psychology and leadership, and most recently – working with Thinking – into-Results – a high-performance coaching programme designed for exponential growth in teams. These tools help me in all of my work in training, mediation, coaching, and international development consulting. As a result, my life-long passion is on working in, with, and around conflict using non-violent communication (NVC) and helping people to connect to with their unmet needs that drive their behaviors as starting point for resolving conflict and achieving goals.

Download my CV here: Verena_Lahousen_CV